Current exhibition

Miloš Urbásek 
21. 9. – 4. 11. 2017

Miloš Urbásek

/21. 09. 2017–04. 11. 2017/

Miloš Urbásek is one of the key representatives of the Czechoslovak art of the second half of the 20th century. The present exhibition in Závodný Gallery commemorates the artist´s 85th birthday by presenting to the audience the artist life work in its integrity, emphasising the structured development of each stage of his process of work.
The artwork of Miloš Urbásek has evolved in direct interaction with the formation of modern art in Western European countries. His journey towards a minimal art and monochromic expression was in line with the works of the artists of the group ZERO and New Tendencies. This period is represented in the current exhibition with a series of works, often divided into repeating segments, with grapheme /letter or number/ as a main theme.
The search of new possibilities and relationships between the viewer and the area of the picture is further developed in the series of paintings from the 70´s in which the artist works with the motif of a circle and its segments. Later his concertation is focused purely on the area, its division and the colour of the image.
The exhibition of Miloš Urbásek in Gallery Závodný represents his works from the 60´s until his premature death. In a retrospective look on the artists paintings, drawings and graphic works, it is with no doubt, that the oeuvre of Miloš Urbásek lies within the European context of geometric and constructive art, and simultaneously underscores his uniqueness in his inclination towards an intimate, very personal and sensitive approach. Considering the Czech historical context, where the contact with modern trends was rather limited, the work of Miloš Urbásek appears as quite pioneering.
Miloš Urbásek works are represented in collections of Czech, Slovak and foreign, especially German, cultural institutions.
Curator: Vladimíra Brucháčková Závodná